Traveller to Unraveller

Leaving from home with no destination.

Paths are many but, there ain’t an affirmation.

With twists and tales of patchy pathways.

learning about life and its every new phase.

Having walked them together, walked them solo.

Experienced so many emotions but, my heart sinks in hollow.

Have ran on straight roads, jumped in some puddles.

From childhood to now being an adult.

Life’s nothing but a little complicated riddle.

Sometimes rough, sometimes an easy to solve mystery.

Where nights just don’t pass, days turn into history.

Here comes the learning with our flaws.

People are nearby but not really close.

Gazing the beauty  of roses in grasslands I left as a traveller.

Walking on roads, stepping on pity thorns, made me an unraveller.

I couldn’t find my destination.

The journey offered many directions…

Which one to follow I never knew.

Being directionless was where the wisdom lieu.

In little joys, resting on sideways…

Not at the station but it’s the journey, where the life resides.


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