With the lessons of 2017 it began, with experiences of 2018 here it ends…

From hitting the rock bottom to climbing the heights…

here’s to one hell of a journey called 2018.

Filled with pain and rage, I wrote a note…

of do’s and don’ts that would take me on a long-long road.

Yet, here I am, writing another long note…

With the deepest sorrows and painful lessons it started its course,

with numerous resolutions I pushed myself with intensive force.

Promising self to keep standing tall…

There I was, drowning in grief, surrounded by fall.

To hold on to the lessons, I struggled to chase the time,

It was all sugar but, in no time it turned lime.

Assuring self of the feelings I’ve outgrown, my heart was a liar,

Gulping down the glasses of pain, my own heart set me on fire.

To promises I made, to resolutions I failed to keep,

Again with new opportunities, time is ready to take another leap.

Stepping into another milestone, no new resolutions I withhold.

Preparing self to feel, to live a new lot of stories untold…

To whatever happens, we shall stand strong and let the journey unfold.

Wishing you a very happy new year!

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