Tonight I want to commit that sin again…

Tonight I want to collapse in your arms once again

With deriving power from each nerve in my body to keep away

With every failed attempt…

Tonight I want to taste the elixir off your lips and quench mine.

Tonight I want to have only name on your lips.

With running far away from you,

Surrendering self to stupor.

With resurrected desires…

Tonight I want every inch of my skin to melt in yours.

Tonight I want every beat of your heart to beat into mine.

With knowing you’re the poison that can kill me instantly

Just like a moth consumed in fire to attain its salvation in destruction…

Tonight I want to be dissolved in your each fantasy

Tonight I want your tongue to paint my body beautifully

With being defeated in the battle of mind and body

Tonight I’ve realised…

Your body is where my salvation resides.

*This poem of mine has already been published in anthology, “The heat is on” by Poetry Planet.

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