Painful old places

I look back many times a day…

I revisit the old places where you used to stay.

I revisit myself, try to feel my skin…to feel your touch again.

You never left, ever…

Neither my soul nor my skin.

I cuddle with my pillow every night…

The one you used to sleep on.

I tuck myself in the same blanket every night…

You used to sleep in.

To feel the warmth of your body again.

To feel the comforting smell of your body again.

There’s an ocean of love for you left in me unexpressed.

There’s a lot remained unsaid.

The unspoken words echo in my head and whisper in my ears.

Every night, I long to have you near me again.

For once, just for once…

To pour the love that’s left.

To entwine my fingers into yours once again.

To cuddle with you, to touch your lips once again.

To keep my hand on your beating heart…

And to feel life once again.

To say all what’s been unsaid.

To satiate the heart that never gets over you.

To have you near for one last time and to let you go forever…

So, I don’t have to revisit the same old places where my love still breathes…

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