Is it the path to salvation or ruination?

You make my soul dance to the beats of your heart.

Your aura grabs me in…

Pulls me like the moon pulls the tides.

I get lost in the savor of your skin.

your thoughts take me to the far away land…

Where dreams and fantasies reside.

Your touch sets me in thunders that engulf me.

Your breath makes me vulnerable and passionate to taste the elixir off your lips.

Your kisses give me the audacity…

To have you and have my heart broken into million pieces a million times.

To be wrecked by you again and again.

Your love leaves me blinded…

Astrayed to fall back yet again in every course that leads to you.

Crossing all the currents with mutilated heart I end up at your door,

To be sewn by the slaughterer.

How ironical it is…

My path to salvation is the path to ruination.

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