With the ocean of courage I will keep going

I didn’t choose the destruction done to me,

but with courage, I can choose to be my own weaver.

Even at my lowest, even if i’m lying melted on the floor…

I will gather my strength and will run like a river.

I can’t run away from snags and the currents.

But, I can surpass them and will keep on going.

Even in the midst of oceans of obstacles…

I will keep my boat rowing.

In the middle of despair, where darkness prevails and thunders come crashing.

Where i’m stranded alone with no fetcher.

Even on those darkest of nights…

I won’t let any nightmare pass through, I will be my own dream catcher.

I don’t discriminate, the love I give is the love I have in me.

Fearing deceit I won’t put my heart in cage.

Even with every deception I won’t change. I will choose to be wise.

I will find the courage, channelize the sadness and all the rage.

With every sword of betrayal piercing my chest…

I will keep walking without a blot on my creed.

Neither my eyes, nor my heart…

It is the poetry I will bleed.

I have been damaged in worst possible ways.

I have seen the hell.

Let’s make this world a better place…

Let’s be more humble is what I will always tell.


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