All my life I’ve wanted freedom.

And by freedom I mean to be free…

To be free from obligations and boundations

To be free to say what I feel

To be free to choose my own path.

But, soon I realised…

I realised that freedom isn’t a granted legacy that comes for free.

Throughout my life I’ve craved for happiness.

And by happiness I mean to be genuinely happy.

To live happily with myself.

To be happy with everyone

To keep everyone happy.

But, soon I realised…

I realised that happiness is a simple process but, not so easy to practice.

My entire life I’ve kept chasing peace.

And by peace I mean the satisfaction.

For peace I’ve bought the most expensive things

For peace I’ve begged people to stay with me.

For peace I’ve walked on paths my heart told me to.

But, soon I realised…

I realised it’s not where I’ve been seeking, It rests inside oneself.

My whole life I wished to be a bird.

And by bird I mean to have wings.

Wings to fly high in the sky.

Wings to cross the boundaries without stamps.

Wings to fly away to the lands my heart tells me to.

But, soon I realised…

I realised that even if I’ll be a bird with the strongest wings, I’ll live in this world and the whole world will still be my prison.

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