Happy friendship day!

To the friends I have,

To the friends I had…

I never say it, the friendship and you all mean a lot.

Some crossed the path, some stayed for long…

Some still walk along.

To the short journeys,

to milestones we still have to cross…

Each and every turn, I am grateful for all.

From fighting over stupid things,

to being each other’s pillar support.

From making dumb choices,

to having each other’s back.

From showering endless love,

to scolding each other for being a lad.

From spending boring days cracking lame jokes,

to the nights getting wasted, coming back crawling home.

From being together on bright sunny days,

to taking care of each other on darkest of nights.

To the friendship…

The laughter and joy, to the tears and even the dark hours.

I am thankful for all.

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