I have fire in me and tranquility also resides.
I have seen the nightmares which were once decorated dreams.
I have lived in shattered pieces scattered over floor.
I have walked bare feet over ignited coals in the name of love.
I have survived even as bones, with sorrows eating my flesh.
I have lived with broken spine and blood spilling through my veins.
I have cried a million times, but baby, I have sustained the storms.
Darling, I have built myself…
I have built myself from the ruins by taking fire from the sun and divinity from the moon.
I take pride in my existence and nothing can belittle me, not even your departure
Your words still pierce my heart
They echo in my life and the memories hunt me down
You got under my skin tried to spread like venom
The venom called words, the venom called emotions
The emotions that shot me like a bullet.
I spent months in isolation and months chasing peace outside.
Later on to find the antidote inside me.
My strength, which was hidden deep,
Wanting to crawl out for a long time
And I was reborn…Wild and free
With no direction of my own
Chasing life in a beautiful spree.


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