Feelings don’t make sense…

Feelings don’t have to make sense

But, they make home deep inside and build a fence.

Sometimes they make us soft, sometimes cruel and sometimes fill us with rage.

Putting shackles around us they bind us in a cage.

We walk on fire with tears in our eyes, but smiling gaily we bear every strife

With bruises on heart we cross the ocean for the person who’s holding a knife.

Sharp like a needle they pierce every inch of skin…pain becomes a wallow

Left no difference between sanity and insanity…every thought they just swallow.

As it’s said, they make no sense, making us feeble they kill us inside…

Unable to express, I write them down, make a pile, lock them up and hide.

With no escape, they diminish for a while…just with a spark resurrects the flame of desire

Every time leave me wishing, just like I burn the penned desires

I wish I could set the feelings too on fire.


6 Replies to “Wish I could burn the feelings too!”

  1. You posts are too good. Your poetry has an essence nd that directly strike to the heart
    Keep giving us such marvelous posts….

  2. Your posts are damn good. Your poetry has an essence nd that directly strike to the heart…
    Keep giving us such marvelous posts………

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