It is the emptiness I feel

I’m not lost anymore…

Or I am?

But I can’t find myself either.

Over a long time, all my emotions have drained.

In this drought I’m seeking a new season’s rain.

A new passion, a new pain.

Some new losses, some new gains.

Surviving through numbness, it is a strife.

Each day and every night to find myself I have to fight.

The emptiness gets wider every day and drowns me every night.

Looking for some new songs, some new lullabies.

some new mallows, some new dark poems.

There is no place I belong to anymore.

There are no people I associate with anymore.

I crave for new places, I crave for new people…

For new laughter, for new tears.

My own feelings have abandoned me.

From my deepest sorrows who rescued me?

It is emptiness that I feel…

I need new feelings, I need new sorrow.

I need new ecstasies, I need new scars.

I want to escape this colorless hollow…

Be it a hand, be it a bine

I want some emotions to rescue me from this empty shrine.

Be it dark, be it bright…

Again in my life I wish to see some darkness and light.

Be it joy, be it grief.

All I want is at least an emotion to feel.

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