I still embrace you and my deepest scars

I don’t apologize for letting you leave.

Knowing you were too little to appreciate, I still let you in.

You were a river who belittled me for being deep as an ocean

I was the first rain of the season, I made you my petrichor,

instead you made my heart your puddle.

I carried your essence in my body,

but your words made my bones weary.

I made you my song, the melody I hmm.

You made me your instrument and pulled the strings.

You were the destination I wanted to reach.

Turning the paths you left me lost.

But, there was a fire in me that never let your touch engulf my aura,

so I let out the wreckage with my poetry.

I won’t deny you didn’t leave scars

But you never saw the constellations in my eyes.

For I am the Universe’s piece of art

who knows how to embrace even the deepest scars.

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