Dreams to live for

There was darkness everywhere, but passion in her eyes.

Drowning in a troubled sea, she was weaving her dreams.

Dreams to awaken and touch every heart.

Listening to the lullabies, she used to sleep.

Listening to the tales she grew up.

the tales of love, of freedom and of liberation.

Hard way she learnt…

She learnt love is nothing like heard in tales of love.

She learnt freedom is not a granted legacy like in childhood tales.

Wagging city to city…

stuck in corporate trail her aura was turning frail.

For hidden in her heart was an ungrown piece of childhood

and magical world of tales.

Neither a lover nor the solitude.

Neither bank balance nor luxury cars

could ever give her sparks.

All she ever wanted was an open field and a clear sky.

Her soul could be filled with glories.

With a porch to pen those stories.




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