Disclosing my dark side

Gasping the pain in the dark, I weave fences around me.

Hunted everywhere for a ray but, nothing could bound me.

I dig deep and cage in the cave of darkness and despair.

Unable to resurrect, it can’t be undone…

Damage done to my soul is beyond repair.

Building the barricades, ceiling upon ceiling…

Neither the moon, nor the sun can trespass.

Miles away from light, thriving beneath are shadows nothing can surpass.

With a dagger on my chest, into intoxication I am sinking.

Detaching from all strings, there’s no anchor to dare the linking.

Drinking from my glass of sins, I have given up the internal fight.

Hiding away from the twilight, smoking in dusk…

Till the time it’s night.

Disclosing my dark side, when even flowers refuse to grow…

Filled with fire and wrath, every midnight I dance with shadows.

Vulnerable and helpless, I’m a submissive of my dark meadows.

Not even a single peck of hope that’s lurking beside.

Here in my darker world, now only demons reside.

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