Are the closest really transparent?

How to follow life’s natural course?
Dropping the old ones, adding new at the shores.
The moment one believes the wisdom is intact
Comes a turn, with a pile of mistakes life strands at a new track
With every hurdle, it keeps growing deep
It’s life, what we sow is what we reap
Combining love, respect, trust and patience relations are born
With little misunderstandings, they are torn.
Look from far away land there’s a radiant film of glass
Farther you are the longer it lasts.
Grass that’s greener, shines like a diamond, the world that’s so glittery.
Look closer, dig a little deeper, the reality will wreck your heart and make your soul weary.
Resplendent and bright, not the ornaments, feelings are artificial
The relations are so real, love is superficial.
With betrayal love succumbs to ashes, tears leave strength to rust.
It’s not even our shadow we can trust
We walk through fire for people we love, tie to our heart we keep them closest.
Forgetting, it’s the closest who cut us the deepest.

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