There are few battles in life which we have to fight ourselves, alone, because no matter how hard we try, we can’t explain few things. Nobody can step inside our shoes and understand what we are feeling, for everyone in this world is struggling to manage their own.

We feel so helpless, miserable as everything remains unexpressed, jumbled up inside which weighs our heart down and in turn pushes us towards loneliness. We draw fences around ourselves and become an oyster sticking to its shell. We start getting scared of people and refrain being around them. We live in isolation for it is so hard to explain what we feel, what we want.

The whole world seems to be slipping apart, hope becomes just a word and faith can move mountains, just a phrase.

I know these battles are challenging and we wish to dodge what is spiraling around us. It takes every bit of our strength to step forward, to open our eyes to face them, but they are inevitable. Everyone has to go through such situations in life and so have I. I have also been helpless, I’ve have also cried a lot and did my best to escape them but nothing really worked, being strong and accepting the situation was the only way left. The time I was thinking that I was disappearing was the time I actually found myself. I decided to face my every fear, I won’t say it diminished the pain, but lost hope resurrected and when I fought them bravely, I turned into a warrior and that extinct faith revived.

The hard way I learnt that whatever I went through has polished me, every suffering has built me.

We all know that life is not a smooth journey, it can be rough and unfair many times but these are the part of our life. For even the mightiest sun has to go down daily to rise again every morning with the same fierce power and shine. So, it’s okay to fall down in life but losing yourself is not acceptable. Make sure to get up eight times even if you fall down seven times.

These battles are endless and fighting them how is our call. We can either learn our lessons from them or keep on hosting our own pity parties. The choice is ours, what we want, as the universe blesses us with we attract, either we can crib or become a warrior and fight them with the courage, with every bone of our body for they are indispensable to make us realize that we are much stronger than we think.

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