Umang Gaba

Hi Readers,

My name is Umang. I’m 24 years old and like my name I’m a very chirpy and enthusiastic person who believes in freedom of heart above everything. I like crazy but less dramatic things, a lot of sarcasm and people with great sense of humor. There are a few people who I love unconditionally and annoy the shit out of them.

My Gemini stars make me moody, tameless, difficult to understand and the one with my own set of philosophies.

I trust the universe, all the powers it has bestowed me with. Whatever we are seeking in it is already inside us one should just know the art of self-exploration. I am a firm believer of karma. One wrong deed, it will hit you back may not today but someday.

I never was a writer, I never used to read books which I still can’t do. As we all know karma is a bitch, I came across a situation, a breakdown where I chose not to cry and the things I always ran away from came to my rescue; A pen and a paper. I started expressing myself by writing it all down and that was the time I realized that I can write.

Now you must be wondering why directionless?

I was following a path which could get me settled in life, rather in a cell made by rows and columns. It was filling my pockets but was emptying my heart. I realized, life is not meant to be lived at places where you want to run away from and specially not inside the spaces of keyboard.

I broke the shackles one day. People tried to impose their decisions on me and I just let them judge for that’s what they have been doing since the creation of this holy mankind with zero fucks given.

I know I am directionless but, I also know which direction I am not supposed to follow.

A traveler looking for direction!