fire inside me

The fire inside me

I have fire in me and tranquility also resides.

I have seen the nightmares…

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I embrace my deepest scars | Directionless Poetry

I embrace my deepest scars

I don’t apologize for letting you leave.

Knowing you were too little …

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dark side

Giving in to my dark side

Gasping the pain in the dark, I weave fences around me.

Hunted everywhere for a…

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Umang Gaba

Hi Readers,

My name is Umang. I’m 24 years old and like my name I’m a very chirpy and enthusiastic person who believes in freedom of heart above everything. I like crazy but less dramatic things, a lot of sarcasm and people with great sense of humor. There are a few people who I love unconditionally and annoy the shit out of them.

My Gemini stars make me moody, tameless, difficult to understand and the one with my own set of philosophies.

I trust the universe, all the powers it has bestowed me with. Whatever we are seeking in it is already inside us one should just know the art of self-exploration. I am a firm believer of karma. One wrong deed, it will hit you back may not today but someday…

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